Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The road to hell...

When I posted a couple weeks ago, I said that I intended to post a Buncha Books post within a few days of ending my student teaching.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  I do have myself some grandiose ideas.  And when I couple those ideas with good intentions... well, I find myself on that proverbial road quite often.

First of all, have I printed thing one for either of my unit plans, which I have to hand in tomorrow?  Here, let me answer that for you... NO.  Have I prepared for the final exam review I volunteered to give (out of the "what was I thinking" goodness of my heart) my college students tonight despite the fact that TECHNICALLY there are no more classes until the final?  Again... NO.  Have I made Christmas cookies, gotten and/or put up and decorated a tree, made any sort of preparation for Beth's birthday which is NEXT WEEK and for which she wants to have a SLUMBER PARTY?  NO, NO, and HOLY CRAP NO.

Have I gotten any teacher gifts yet, which, while I always suspected should just be giant bottles of vodka, now I KNOW should just be giant bottles of vodka?  Also, NO.

So, in conclusion, my Buncha Books post is on hold, but it's coming eventually, I promise.  Because there is a 4-foot high stack of books that I would like to be able to put away, but can't until I review them, and I'm tired of bumping into it, knocking it over, and having to re-stack the books.