Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol predictions 3 and celebrity impersonations

I think Luke and Jason Yeager are on the way out this week. But more importantly, I think we should take a look at some of the contestants and their eerie resemblances to certain celebrities. Last week, I mentioned Jason Castro's resemblance to a young John Travolta in dreads. Take a look:

And speaking of young versions of celebrities, how about Danny Norriega? Young Steven Cojocaru, anyone?

Now for those two, I think the resemblance depends a lot on certain facial expressions. I had a tough time finding pictures of John Travolta or Cojo that looked exactly like these guys, but yet these contestants remind me SO MUCH of those celebs.

But then of course, there was Colton, who looks a lot like Ellen Degeneres:

And Chikesie could be a younger, slightly chubbier, Blair Underwood:

Finally, Jason Yeager. Or is it a young Val Kilmer?

***Please forgive the crappy formatting. I couldn't get the pictures to work right for side-by-side comparisons.***

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