Monday, June 4, 2007

Al Gore's love child

I came across a site called "People Doing Stuff," which searches images on the web for a randomly generated name coupled with a randomly generated verb. You'd think you get images of people with the name doing whatever the verb is, but the few times I clicked the search button, I found that you generally don't. Anyway, a search with "Keith" + [a verb I can't remember] came up with an image of someone who could only be Al Gore's love child. I know you'll agree. Here is a picture of his alleged love child side-by-side with an image of Al Gore for comparison purposes:

Because the resemblance is so uncanny, I will point out that Gore is on the right side of the image and his "son" is on the left. Notice how Gore is even gazing lovingly at his illegitimate boy. And no, that is not an old black-and-white yearbook photo of Gore. This is a person whose name is Keith and he lives in Georgia. The photo was on his company's website. I won't give any more away; after all, he may not be aware that he is Gore's long-lost son and I wouldn't want to be responsible for the media hounding him.

Now, based on the fact that this guy graduated from college in 1991, that would mean he was probably born mid-70s. Since Al and Tipper were married in 1970, this will probably really piss off Tipper.

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Pickles & Dimes said...

HAHAHHHAA. That is super awesome.