Thursday, November 5, 2009

My imaginary boyfriend

One of these days I'll get around to posting Halloween pics of my kids, but that takes some effort... you know, moving the little card from the camera to the computer and uploading the pictures. Instead, inspired by a thought I have every single time I watch Destination Truth (and I not only watch it, I DVR it to watch at my convenience because I don't want to miss any), I decided to pause the show (and it's a really good Yeti one) to see just how old Josh Gates is so that I could determine if it would be in the realm of possibility for me to marry him should something happen to my husband... Dum Dum Duuuuhhhhh.

He is 32. A LITTLE young for me, but maybe not. I'm 38, so it's within the realm of possibility, right? Anyway, he cracks me up. And he ain't too bad to look at, either. It really surprises me that with all the "these are my crushes" posts out there, I've never seen Josh on anyone's list. Well, he's at the top of mine (along with Johnny Depp, especially as Jack Sparrow - don't judge, I'd make him brush his teeth first).

I even like him in his librarian glasses. If I can't marry him, I'd settle for joining his expeditions. Really, don't you think that what they're missing is a middle-aged mother of four? I do have my SCUBA certification, though, and more importantly, I'd be willing to do the things they do. Well, except for the whole Chernobyl thing... I would've called in sick for that one.

Hubba hubba, baby.

Photo credits: Found these on the Internet. I'm probably violating someone's copyright. If it's yours, tell me and I'll credit you.


Alice said...

well, he's never been on my Crush List before because i'd never heard of him OR this show, but... YUMMERS :-)

LoriD said...

Pretty cute. I'm amazed that the addition of glasses takes him from a rugged-looking muscle guy to a kind of chubby-looking, nerdy guy. Both strangely appealing, but so different.

Shelly said...

HAHAHA!!! I'd never heard of him, either.

And no judging on Johnny Depp. Not even as Jack Sparrow. There is no wrong way with Depp.

Swistle said...

Hey, I like Orlando Bloom as AN ELF, so you won't hear any talk from ME about pirates.