Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you!

After leaving my last post up for a week, I am taking it down, as I do not want it floating out there for any longer. I appreciate all of your comments and emails. Some of you gave me some interesting things to look into and I was touched by the thoughts and well-wishes. Despite my lack of posting, I do still have some readers, and they are AWESOME ones. Thank you!


secret agent woman said...

I really hope you get some helpful answers.

Astarte said...

I'm so glad you got a diagnosis, and the meds are helping. I have OCD as well, and if you want to talk about anything, I'd be more than happy to bounce any ideas around. My meds help me to control it, too, but more importantly, they give me outside perspective into the episodes I have so I can recognize them when I'm actually having one, and am thus better able to help myself in addition to the medication. I hope she continues to do well. :)