Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's go bat for the other team, Michelle!!

I made Garlic Cheddar Chicken for dinner last night. If this is representative of the things Michelle makes when she cooks, then I will divorce my husband, become a lesbian, convince her that she is also a lesbian, marry her (okay, CIVILLY COMMIT to her) and completely support her so that the only thing she has to do is cook. Holy moly!! That was some AWESOME chicken!

I served it with Creamy Parmesan Chicken Rice-a-Roni (Yeah, I kept a couple boxes. It's my fault there's no more Journeyman.) and steamed broccoli. Look how yummy:

Also, in a turn of events that had me clapping and cheering, Amy LOVED the entire meal. You may recall that my two middle kids are horribly picky, so seeing Amy eat her weight in broccoli before moving on to the rice and chicken warmed the cockles of my heart. (Also, exactly what part of your heart are the cockles? Anyone know?). Check it out and let your cockles be warmed too:

Indeed, the fork IS totally superfluous. She's working on about her 7th stalk (? - Is that what you call a piece of broccoli?) in these pics, and yes, Virginia, that IS a file cabinet in my dining room piled with a couple weeks worth of mail and a hairbrush. And plastic drawers where I keep the three school kids' recent papers that may or may not need attention. Who knows, since I rarely actually OPEN the drawers. But ignore that. Aren't your cockles all warm and tingly?

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