Saturday, April 5, 2008

U-PICK dandelion greens

I noticed at the grocery store a few days ago (By the way, do you say "grocery store," "supermarket," "market" or something else?) that they sell dandelion greens in the produce department. What the hell?!?! I know they're edible, but I thought that was only as a last resort, like on "Survivor" or something. Or if you find yourself stranded in the middle of a giant trailer park after a nuclear bomb has eliminated every other living thing on the planet, and it's just you, cockroaches and dandelions. And you have to choose: cockroaches or dandelion greens. Hmmm... I guess I'll eat the dandelion greens.

But I guess I'm wrong. There are apparently people who PAY to eat the weeds that grow copiously throughout my yard, which I'm now thinking should be a U-PICK farm.

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