Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving over some old posts and Disney

I was going to do a new issue of Buncha Books today, but I've decided to do that next week so that I can first transfer over the old issues. I think that those are some of the posts that I want to keep. So either today or tomorrow I'll be transferring several old posts from my old blog to here. Since I may do this transferring thing from time to time, until I have everything transferred over that I want to keep, I'll give a heads-up so that those of you who have this blog in your readers don't think I'm trying to overwhelm you. I'm going to leave the old dates on the posts, so that they won't come in ahead of the new stuff on the blog (though they'll look like they're ahead of the new stuff in your reader (I think?)). So this is your heads-up for the book review stuff.

In other news, on Tuesday I got a call that the talent agency was submitting Beth for a big national television ad for Disney. They wanted to make sure we'd be available for not only the audition dates, but also for the callback and filming dates. Yesterday they called back to tell me that the auditions are today, and oh, by the way, she takes ballet, right? Um, no. She doesn't. They needed little girls that took ballet. Apparently part of this ad is a dream where little girls are at a birthday party and they are transported into the ballerina birthday cake and into Disney World or something along those lines. Another part is little boys swimming. So when you see that ad (which is being shot in July, so sometime after that), that's the one Beth missed out on because she doesn't take ballet. Sadly, I think that part of the filming was going to be done at Disney World in Orlando, and Beth has recently been harassing bugging sweetly inquiring as to when our family might embark on a trip there. So it would have been a great one to try for. On the bright side, I'm home instead of on the train to NYC, which gets seriously OLD after you done it a few times.

I'm lifting the search restrictions here. I originally didn't allow search engines to crawl this blog. But if I don't allow Disney to find this blog, how will they find this to know to give our family a free trip, which I will then sing praises of right here in this very forum? Either that or I can question their PC-ness. I mean, why not have little boy ballet dancers and little girl swimmers? Huh, Disney? What's up with the gender stereotypes? Sexist much? That would be like me awarding a PINK toy to Saly just because her soon-to-be-born baby is a girl. But *I'M* not a HUGE corporation taking over the WORLD one toddler at a time. By the way, a little heads-up for you Disney: watch out for Oprah. She's some serious competition in the whole world-taking-over thing.


saly said...

You are hysterical. We read the Seuss book 3 times last night, and I had to pry the blankie bear out of Lucy�s hot little hands. She is a blankie fanatic. Thanks again for picking me!!

moo said...

Got your package yesterday -- THANK YOU so much!

And I hate those gender stereotypes. And, uh, have you SEEN the Little Mermaid? Do you even have to QUESTION the Disney stereotype thing?

Jess said...

Aw, that's too bad! Just toss her in a ballet class real quick and call it a day! It can't take longer than two weeks to learn ballet, right?

LoriD said...

Next time, just lie. At her age, she wouldn't be a good ballerina anyway, even with 3 years of lessons. She could have probably faked it just fine!