Friday, June 13, 2008

Radar clone

I couldn't sleep the other night and was perusing our channel guide when I came across this show called "Corner Gas." (Actually, at first I thought the guide said "Comer Gas," so apparently I should wear my glasses when I watch television.) So I checked it out. There is this character named Hank, who looked and sounded JUST LIKE Radar from M*A*S*H. So I checked out IMDB to find out who he was, you know, to see if there was any relation to the actor who played Radar, because OBVIOUSLY this is trivia I need to know. His name is Fred Ewanuick and this is a picture of him in some other show or movie:

Here's Radar (aka Gary Burghoff):

It seems that Fred's mother must've had a fling with old Gary, dontcha think?

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Alice said...

ha, i was all WTF 20 NEW POSTS FROM FIONA?? but heh, i see you're transfering over some posts. very nice!