Monday, June 30, 2008

Posting recaps

Last Friday I moved some posts over from my old blog. I will do that again at some point, but I'll give a warning the day before. Anyway, it was interesting to go back and read some of what I had written before, especially before the majority of my readers found me. Mostly what I transferred were book reviews, because I wanted them here before I posted a new issue of Buncha Books, but I also transferred my own Appendix A of The Bible, as well as some look-alike posts, so if you haven't seen any of those, take a look (search on the label: look-alike). Once I stumbled across a picture of a man who looked EXACTLY like Al Gore. Seriously. The resemblance was so uncanny that I had to post a side-by-side comparison. You can't argue with that, now, can you?

1 comment:

Manager Mom said...

I once saw Al Gore in person in a Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco. His head was ENORMOUS.

Those two look so much alike!