Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My house needs some attention, and Amy has decided that every waking moment must be spent velcroed to my side, so here is just a little filler so you know I'm still around.

Kid conversation #1:

Beth (holding her medicine bottle): How do you open this?

Me: You don't. It's kid-proof.

Beth: How does it know I'm a kid?

Kid conversation #2:

Me (walking in a room to find Amy licking the mirrored closet doors): Hey! Don't lick the mirror. We don't lick mirrors.

Amy (as I turn around to leave after she stops licking the mirror): Mommy! Lick the mirror with me!

Me: [facepalm]


Jess said...

Aww. I need a child.

Shelly said...

Brilliant. I love Beth's comment.

Shelly said...

Also, I'm currently reading Rise and Shine. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it. I'm about halfway through and so far I really like it.

Alice said...

HA! i love the things that end up coming out around kids, that you never would have thought you'd need to say, ever. like "we don't lick mirrors" :-)

Anonymous said...

Children are strange, strange creatures.

Astarte said...

Well, she seems like a yummy, yummy little girl, so who can blame her?!