Tuesday, January 20, 2009

October overview and winners

In my effort to cover those four months or so that I disappeared, I will now give you my October overview. Really only two things happened, Amy turned 2 on the 20th

and of course Halloween.

Beth couldn't decide between the detective costume and the vampire, so she was a detective at school (easier costume to put on and take off) and a vampire for trick-or-treating. Jo went as a black cat and Amy was a bunny.

Other than that, there was some leaf pile playing,

some swing set playing

and some general goofing around.

On to other business... Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes was selected as my next read and I am in the middle of it now. I decided that although my poll was only open for 24 hours, I would allow the commenters who commented after it closed to be in on the giveaway, since really 24 hours is not that long. So after removing my own comment from the running, the random number generator gave me 6 for my first winner and 5 for my second. So... [checking]... Becky wins Step on a Crack by James Patterson and Flibberty wins Simple Genius by David Baldacci. Winners please email me your shipping info so I can get your books to you.


Flibberty said...

Such cute little girls! I love the detective costume, what a great idea. I will email my address STAT. I am so excited! Thanks!

Chantal said...

general goofing around is a great way to spend October :)

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, its a little freaky to be seeing fall leaves and Halloween costumes in January posts.