Monday, July 14, 2008

PiF prize reveal

Ecchs got in touch and I have assembled her prize to be mailed tomorrow (I hope - I'll certainly do my best). Here it is:

It consists of a notepad, a journal (I LOVE these little journals. I don't actually KEEP a journal, yet I LOVE them.), a mechanical pencil covered in girly accessories like shoes and handbags, a set of 10 assorted notecards that I received from the artist that I can't bring myself to write on because I think they should be framed, and a book that Ecchs selected from my Bookmooch inventory, "Couplehood" by Paul Reiser.

I am planning (once again, I HOPE - I'll certainly do my best) to post my next PiF contest tomorrow (with pictures of the prizes I've received so far). If it doesn't happen then, it definitely will on Thursday. This contest will have FOUR winners, so be sure to enter! Once it's up, it will be open for entries until noon on July 28th, and I will announce winners the following week.


TheWeyrd1 said...

Gee...I think I'm glad Ecchs won this prize package!

Bikini said...


I love mechanical pencils. And notepads. And journals. And books! Lots of books!

Can't wait for the next contest - are you going to post the prizes ahead of time, or let them be a surprise too?

Jess said...

Um, I think this is a great prize! And personalized, because Ecchs got to choose the book! Maybe the first commenter just meant that you don't have the same taste--like maybe the notecards aren't their style? Or maybe they're just rude.

Melessa said...

The prize rocks! (And candy melts in the mail in July, sometimes even hard candy.)

Fiona Picklebottom said...

bikini - I'm thinking of posting the prizes ahead of time, but I don't have them all put together yet. I do have a few things, so if I can get the rest together by Thurs ('cause that post ain't happenin' today), I will. Though I think I'll leave them slightly incomplete to allow for the addition of something more personalized (if a blogger I "know" or can get to know by reading archives wins).

Swistle said...

I agree: those cards are too pretty to use as cards! Wouldn't they be pretty in a set of matched frames!