Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Transfer complete

Whew! I have done all the transferring I'm going to do this week. This time around I transferred posts having to do with food and a reading challenge I did. I also transferred birth stories [ sorry, shamelessly sassy, don't read them ;) ]. A couple posts that may have been linked to from the ones I transferred got transferred as well, while a couple others just aren't worth the bother. I DID NOT get my perspective photos over, which I still want to do, so look for those next week or later.

Also, I still need Ecchs to contact me. Thanks!


Pickles & Dimes said...

I'm glad you transferred these over because there's a couple of recipes I want to try (especially that chili!).

P.S. If Ecchs doesn't come forward, I will graciously accept her gift on her behalf - ha!

Anonymous said...

If Ecchs doesn't show her face, I'm gonna have to break down and SCREAM A BIG FAT LIE: I'm her, I'm her, I'm the winner!!