Friday, August 29, 2008

More miscellany

[This post was originally published on my old blog on 8/28/07, so any time references are in regards to that date.]

Once again, with nothing else to talk about, I will resort to posting about the most interesting person I know... me. :) You can find the first post I wrote about myself here. So, on to more stuff about me...

I like photography. I really enjoy B&W photography. I don't use a digital camera; I still don't believe that they take pictures as nice as a regular one. I do use my husband's digital camera sometimes, when I know I want to put the images online, since it's easier and less time-consuming than developing and scanning. And someday I will use one of those fancy digital SLRs (probably the digital version of what I use now). But for now I'll just stick with my Nikon N80. If I had known myself better when I was younger, I might have worked to become a photographer, but alas, life goes backwards, and you don't really know what you'd like to study in college until long after you've graduated. Of course, my favorite photo subjects are my kids. I don't have my own darkroom, but someday I plan to.

I can't grow fingernails. When I was a kid, I bit them. Now I don't bite them, and they do grow, but they're so wimpy that they break off immediately upon achieving any length whatsoever. Oh, well. The ones that don't immediately break off keep getting in the way anyway, so I end up cutting or biting them off out of frustration. I don't understand how those people with really long fingernails function. I mean, really, how does the woman in this picture tie her shoes or button her shirt? Besides which, I'm sorry lady, I'm sure they took forever to grow and you're very proud (of what exactly, I'm not sure), but YUCK!

I rarely wear make-up. And when I do, it's minimal. Just blush and mascara. It's not because I think I have a natural beauty that I want to let shine through. Ha! It's because when it comes to make-up, I don't have the slightest clue how to do it. That, and I'm too lazy to learn or, if I did know, to take the time out of my day to apply it.

I LOATHE uncomfortable clothing. I would spend my life in jeans and T-shirts if that were acceptable. I wear jeans to church, even on Easter. I don't fall for those "dressing up is a way to show respect for God" arguments. I think showing up is what matters. When a special event occurs, I call someone and ask just how casual I can go. And invariably, I am the most under-dressed. But, if you read my last post about me, you know this - I don't care. :) By the way - SO NOT ME in the picture. I wish!

I have an extremely hard time starting things. I'm a terrible procrastinator. Even with easy things that will only take a few minutes. Once I do manage to start, however, I MUST FINISH NOW. To the detriment of other things. If a project has begun, I am compelled to work on it 24/7 until it is completed. Can you say obsessive-compulsive?

I once stepped over the piddly little barrier they have around things at Sea World and let the hyacinth macaw step onto my arm (I had a couple macaws at the time, so knew about how to handle them). People were feeding it and stuff, so hey, why not? The Sea World people came running out to chastise me. Hey, they shouldn't leave them just OUT like that, you know?

And that's enough for now.


Fiona Picklebottom said...

Update - I DO use a digital camera now. Not all the time, but more often than I ever thought I would. Not for any B&W, though. I've still not entered the digital age on that.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I can relate to the fingernails issue, though I stopped chewing them way back when I was 11 because the boy next door said he didn't like girls with dirty nails. I hadn't chewed them for long anyway, but nothing like incentive to stop a bad habit. Of course now a days, short nails is a good thing...for me...heh.

jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

I want an SLR camera too, and will hopefully get one for Christmas. I have no idea how to use them, but I love taking pictures so I'll figure it out.

When I was a server, having fingernails was horrible. I was always getting crap underneath of them, or breaking them down to where it would hurt. Now that I'm not serving, I'll look at my hand and think "Wow, my fingernails are getting long" and then POOF I'll hit one on the car door (like I did last week) or pick up a part and chip a nail off. ANNOYING!

I like the Macaw story, that's funny.

Shelly said...

I love photography, too, and I still don't use a digital camera! But that is why it takes me forever to upload pics to my blog. I will have a darkroom someday, too.

And I, too, loathe uncomfortable clothing. Alas, I have a job at which jeans are strictly forbidden. So I just find the most comfortable dress clothes I can. And yeah, I'm the least dressy person in the office.

Flibberty said...

I wanna hear more about your macaws! I just finished reading a book about a couple who own birds and it was hilarious!

Susiewearsthepants said...

I find that the best time to start a project is an hour before it's due. That's how I made it through college. Nothing gets the blood flowing like a complete onset of panic.