Monday, August 4, 2008

Which ones should I enter?

First of all, an update to Friday's post: my husband loved his pictures. Secondly, I am heading to NYC today because Beth has two auditions. Her first one this morning is for a TV commercial for Claritin. Then she has another this afternoon for a print ad for Greendog Clothing. I had never heard of Greendog Clothing, because I either:

A) keep my head buried in the sand at all times,
B) went to the mall for the last time before I had children,
C) am hopelessly un-hip, OR
D) all of the above.

Guess which. *DING DING DING*

Anyway, my un-hip self did somehow manage to set up my cell phone on Twitter. I sent my FIRST EVER text message there. It said, "Test" and worked flawlessly after I screamed, yelled, stomped and seethed in frustration for about 30 minutes because I couldn't get lower case letters to come up. After threatening to flush him down the toilet, my phone came through with a little icon at the top of the screen that lets me know how his highness intends to present the words I type. I should tell you that I have the least technologically advanced cell phone currently in existence. It does nothing cool. It is a phone. Period. HOWEVER, on the plus side, I have not changed my cell phone plan since 2003, so I am still on the $29.99 a month plan. So there, all you fancy schmancy phone owners. On the minus side, I have NO IDEA what texting will cost me. I should look that up, but I'm pretty sure laziness will prevail on that issue. That is a long-winded way of saying MAYBE I will send a tweet or two while I'm walking the streets of NYC. I will not, however, RECEIVE any tweets on my phone due to my lack of knowledge of texting costs, but I will catch up on twitter when I get home later.


While you all wait with baited breath for my tweets, which I'm SURE will say things like, "Just ran into [insert big deal star here] and am headed to lunch with him/her," "Got cast as an extra in Law and Order because they were shooting in front of a building we walked past," or other exciting things, rather than things like, "On train to the city. Train sucks," "Train station stairways smell like urine," "Walking 14 blocks to next appt because am cab-hailing AMATEUR," or "Sweating like pig - it's freaking hot," I hope you will help me out below by giving me your thoughts.

I LOVE photography. I don't think I am particularly GOOD at it, but I love it. I am considering entering some of my vacation photos in a contest. There are several categories, but my photos only fall into two of them: scenic and people. I can enter a total of three images. Here are the ones I am considering:



So what do you think? If you could enter three of these, which three would you choose? I should tell you that the pictures will be judged only on color and content.


LoriD said...

Good luck, Beth!

My cell 'plan' is pay as you go; I buy a $10 code ($11.30 with tax) that lasts a month. Since only Homer knows the number and I hardly use it, I never run out of minutes. I sent a text message once. Too much work!

I like all the pictures, but my absolute favourite is the third scenic one.

Shelly said...

Ooh, auditions! Good luck to Beth!

The third scenic one is really nice and the second people one is very interesting. I would enter both of those.

Jess said...

I like the first and third scenic ones and the second people one. Although they're all gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Second and third scenic ones are gorgeous! And I love both of the pics of the girls! Hard choice there!
I have never heard of that clothing line either. Where the hell have we been???

Whimsy said...

2, 3, & 5 are my favorites - but they are all really beautiful. Good luck in NYC!!!

Alice said...

i hope the auditions went well!!

i agree - love #s 2 & 3, but i can't pick between the 2 pictures of the girls.. they're both lovely.

re: texting - often pay-as-you-go texting can get pricey quickly, BUT most plans offer a $5ish addition to your plan that gives you a few hundred texts per month..

Stormy said...

I like 2, 3 and 4...for color and content. #3 is certainly the most interesting photo, tho. Great job!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


The third shot is my favorite. You can hear the silence...if that makes any sense at all.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Jenny - Yes! That shot was early in the morning when everything was very still and quiet and the mist was still hanging over the water.

Well, there seems to be a consensus among everyone on shot #3, so I'll definitely enter that one. I'm leaning toward the second people shot, because I think it's interesting the way the subject is in shadow but not backlit and the background is bright. So now I just have to decide on one more between the first two scenics and I'll send my entries.

kirida said...

These are so hard to pick! I love the last one, introspective and beautiful.